Inspiration Through Innovation goes virtual

Optical 3D metrology in the aerospace industry


For the first time ever, from 7-8 October 2020, Seco Tools’ annual Inspiration through Innovation event will be hosted entirely online. As last year, the event programme is focused exclusively on the aerospace segment.

What can you expect

Technical Talk: We will show you a presentation about optical 3D metrology for critical aerospace components, giving you insights about how Bruker Alicona meausurement systems can be implemented in the aerospace industry:
Break Edge Measurement on Blisks and Disks

  • Defect Measurement
  • Defect Detecton Cell
  • Measurement of holes on turbine blades
  • Evaluation of shot peening processes
  • User Case Story MTU in Germany
Optical Metrology for aerospace Applications

Guided Tour through our Virtual Showroom: Get a virtual 360° tour through our "Metrology Lounge". Learn all about dimensional metrology & surface roughness measurement and our core technologies: Focus-Variation and Vertical Focus Probing. Get a view of our optical 3D measuring systems and see examples how they are used in practice. All the information in our virtual showroom is simply one click away.

Virtual Showroom