April 4-8, 2022

Innovating manufacturing with optical 3D metrology

MACH 2022 | Birmingham, UK

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Finally, trade show visits are possible again – we are looking forward to meeting you in person and we will be happy to present our systems and solutions live.

Highly accurate optical 3D measurement systems

Bruker Alicona @ MACH


Optical CMM machine to measure tight tolerances

µCMM, the first purely optical CMM machine, is used to measure extremely tight tolerances in high accuracy. Users combine advantages from tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology and measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor.

Alicona CMM with Real3D rotation unit

InfiniteFocus G5plus

With the Bruker Alicona G5 users benefit from a micro-coordinate 3D measuring machine and a surface roughness measuring device, combined in a single system. The principle of Focus-Variation allows the measurement of shape and roughness on small, large and heavy components. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocus can also be used for fully automatic measurement in production.

The µCMM in an automated manufacturing cell

In this video, Christian Hamann from KLEINER Stanztechnik in Pforzheim, Germany, provides insight into a new automated manufacturing cell in which the µCMM from Bruker Alicona is essential for highly accurate qualitative measurements. KLEINER's clear goal for the future is full automation in the sense of Industry 4.0: "We hand over a blank to the cell, and at the end we receive a completely manufactured tool including a measurement report without any further intervention."

How do you automate your measurement tasks in production?

You are searching for a better way to handle measurement tasks and, in turn, be more efficient and profitable in terms of manufacturing quality? That’s where our flexible automated metrology systems come into play. We offer a series of automation options, which enable:

  • simple interaction between administrator &  machine operator
  • intuitive order management
  • high measuring accuracy
  • simple communication and networking with existing production systems including the connection to an ERP and QM system.
Alicona InfiniteFocus

Focus Variation in practice

Optical 3D measurement of cutting tools

In this video, Urban Muraus and Sandra Bergmann are discussing how Bruker Alicona is solving different measurement tasks on cutting tools. Learn more about edge preparation, surface finish and the overall geometry.

Less wear, longer durability - optical measurement of implants

Orthopedic implants are among the most important medical innovations of our time. They improve the quality of life for people of all ages. Read in this whitepaper how to meet new metrological requirements with the use of high-resolution optical 3D metrology.

Additive Manufacturing - trends, strategies & visions

No other manufacturing process has shaken up the existing technology landscape in recent years as much as additive manufacturing.  And it comes with a lot of questions: What else needs to be done in additive manufacturing? What are current research activities? What potential for optimization still exists compared to subtractive processes? And what can metrology achieve here? Among others, these questions were discussed during the 1st Bruker Alicona Round Table with experts from research and industry: Robin Day from the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (Germany), James Hunt from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC, UK) and Henry Greenhalgh from the international manufacturer HiETA Technologies (UK), specialized in the use of Additive Manufacturing (metal 3D printing), particularly in the areas of thermal management and light-weighting.