Micronora 2018 /// 25 – 28 September, 2018 /// Besançon, France

Discover new standards
in production metrology

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Experience optical 3D metrology ready for integrated production

As an integrated part of manufacturing, measurement technology is not only used at the end of the production line. Modern production strategies use measuring technology already during the production process: First parts immediately become good parts. If the measuring sensor detects that components do not meet the specified tolerances, this information is fed into the production cycle. 

How measurement technology can be integrated into production

Intelligent interfaces, simple automation options and clever synergies with e.g. modern robotics are the basis for networks and connections with existing production systems. An example of this is Pick&Place - high-resolution optical 3D measurement technology linked with a collaborative robot arm for automated picking, measurement and sorting.

How Smart Manufacturing looks like in best practice

Automation interfaces such as the "Automation Manager" offer a range of options for automated quality assurance and connection to existing production systems.

Two practical examples demonstrate how this can be achieved in production:

Element Six

Expert in high-performance materials

“We purchased the Alicona Cobot system so that we could start to automate the cutting process. Gathering a large number of data points on wear behavior under different machining conditions was instrumental in helping us to optimize the new technology. This in turn helped us to deliver the step change in performance we were looking for.”


Expert for precision stamping parts and high-performance stamping tools

"With Alicona we are already able to automatically start and execute the measuring process in our production process. We are currently working on enabling networking with other machines so that machine parameters are automatically and continuously adjusted based on the measurement results."

Experience production metrology live at Micronora 2018

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