October 22-24, 2019 /// Rosemont, IL

Quality Show: How to measure tight tolerances in high accuracy



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Optical coordinate measurement system CMM enables lateral probing

Optical CMM machine to measure tight tolerances


µCMM, the first purely optical CMM machine, is used to measure extremely tight tolerances in high accuracy. Users combine advantages from tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology and measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor. 


Alicona optical µCMM machine

The impact of automation for modern manufacturing


Automation is more than the automatic measurement of shape and roughness parameters of a component. Automation also means simple interaction between administrator and machine operator, intuitive order management, high measuring accuracy also in production as well as communication and networking with existing production machines up to the connection to an ERP and QM system. 

Vertical Focus Probing and the use in Dimensional Metrology

This new technology is an extension of the Focus-Variation technology and hence a pure optical measurement technology. It allows the measurement of vertical walls and micro holes directly without articulating the sample during the measurement. Read in this recently published R&D paper more about the measurement principle of Vertical Focus Probing and the impact of this method with respect to micro hole measurement and 3D measurements of steep flanks with a slope angle of more than 90°. For all measurements the optical coordinate measurement machine µCMM is used.

22 - 24  OCTOBER, 2019

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Bruker Alicona @Quality Show 2019

Highly accurate optical 3D measurement systems

InfiniteFocus G5

With the Bruker Alicona G5 users benefit from a micro-coordinate 3D measuring machine and a surface roughness measuring device, combined in a single system. The principle of Focus-Variation allows the measurement of shape and roughness on small, large and heavy components. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocus can also be used for fully automatic measurement in production.

InfiniteFocus SL

InfiniteFocusSL is a cost efficient optical 3D measurement system for easy, fast and traceable measurement of form and finish on micro structured surfaces. Users measure both form and roughness of components with only one system. Measurements are achieved in seconds and features, such as a coaxial laser for quick and easy focusing, further increase usability. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocusSL is also applied for fully automatic measurement in production.



It is a fully automated cutting edge measurement system for quality assurance of drills, millers and other round tools to be applied in production. Specifically, the EdgeMasterX enables 3D measurement of multiple cutting edges. When utilized in combination with a motorized rotation unit, users benefit from the measurement of multiple tool edges, even chamfered edges, in one single measurement run. 

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Information and trends in measurement technology

Are your cutting tools competitive?

The following white-paper shows how optical 3D measurement technology can help to identify ideal tool and machining parameters and thus meet customer requirements.

µCMM Webinar

In this webinar you will learn how dimension, position, shape and roughness of complex geometries can be measured with only one sensor. Furthermore, you will receive information on the latest development of the core technology focus variation - 3D hole measurement.

Gear shaft inspection with the 3D coordinate measuring machine

This report shows measurement results measured with the µCMM - the world's first optical-only 3D CMM. The measuring object is a faulty gear shaft, measured with the µCMM and a rotation unit (Real3D).